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our responsibility is to protect the interests of our clients in every transaction.

The Home Girl Advantage

for sellers


When pricing your home it is important to carefully consider top market value. Using our competitive market analysis tool, we will suggest your home’s best listing price. We sell homes HIGHER than the market average because we list homes at the correct price from the start.

It is important to have your home ready for market on day one. We will help you make sure your home is ready for showings and online by:

  • Suggesting & organizing vendors for repairs that need to be done

  • Complimentary deep clean prior to listing

  • Neutralizing spaces and walls

  • Sprucing up curb appeal

We offer SUPERIOR MARKETING TECHNIQUES to help get your home sold faster and for more money than the competition. The second you sign with us, we go to work on marketing your home! We place a huge emphasis on social media marketing, and utilize all of the traditional methods such as postcards, open houses, prospecting, and the list goes on.



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