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ways to get your offer accepted on a house in the 2022 real estate market... without

Selling Your Soul

Thinking about buying a home in this competitive market? We've seen it all in the past few years and have crafted a list of optional items to help you create your best offer!

hire a realtor

In this market, hiring a buyer's agent is critical. It's important to have someone in your corner. A buyer's agent will also have direct access to MLS listings and often know about properties before they hit the market.

use a local lender

Find a local lender who is available nights and weekends. In this market, waiting days to receive a pre-approval letter can result in missing out. Some lenders also offer programs to close sooner than 30 days.

pay your closing costs

In the end, the seller is concerned with their net gain. Asking for the seller to cover your closing costs in this market is not a favorable tactic in multiple offers. It all boils down to what you're comfortable with and what the seller is willing to accept.

ask seller to counter

It's quite common we hear the phrase "highest and best" right now, but don't fret. There are other tactics for asking the seller to counter back even when there's multiple offers. Call your Home Girl for this hot tip.

close quickly

Chances are you may be competing against cash offers, which have the ability to be closed much faster than traditional financing. Shortening the time it takes to close on the home can give you an advantage.

strong earnest money

Are you serious about purchasing the home you've had your eye on? Place a strong earnest money deposit to show the seller's you mean business. Pro Tip- take a picture of the check and send it in with your offer.

have a pre inspection

Considering dropping inspection contingencies in your offer? We certainly don't recommend nixing the inspection altogether, so have the property inspected prior to making your offer.

find out what they want

In some cases, money isn't always the motivator when selling. Have your agent find out exactly what the seller's needs are, so you can make the cleanest offer possible.

don't underbid

The days of getting a deal in real estate may seem like they're dead, but it does still happen. If there are multiple offers, it's not advised to offer below list price. No other offers? Try to get that deal!


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